Artist / DB / Year
  • Abraham and the three angels
  • Baumgartner, Johann Wolfgang
    Martyrdom of Saint Maximus, calendar sheet for 5th May
  • Baumgartner, Johann Wolfgang
    St. Samson, calendar sheet for 27th June
  • Heemskerck, Maarten van
    The Triumph of Tobias
  • Le Pautre, Jean
    Charity, Notburga von Rattenberg?
  • Robles-Angel, Claudia
    REFLEXION - In Sync/out Sync -
  • Salter, Christopher
  • Scenocosme, Gregory Lasserre & Anais met den Ancxt -
    La maison sensible (The Sensitive House)
  • Simó, Agueda
    Reflecting JCC
  • Thomas Aquinas
  • Thomas Aquinas
  • Vos, Marten de
    Tobias buries the assassinated Israelites
  • Waliczky, Tamas