Myth (9)

Artist / DB / Year
  • Colubri, Andres
    Narciso in Real Time ada
  • Domingues, Diana
    I'Mith: Zapping Zone ada
  • Domingues, Diana
    My Body, My Blood II ada
  • Domingues, Diana
    Trans-E: My Body, My Blood ada
  • Dove, Toni
    Mesmer: Secrets of the Human Frame ada
  • Kisseleva, Olga
    Divers Faits ada
  • Leandre, Joan
    Smoke Screen Cipher, The Trap Interiors series ada
  • Melanitis, Yiannis
    Prometheus/Hysterical Duet- Interactive Performance ada
  • Michelin, Simone
    Website MMM ada
  • Pearlman, Ellen
    Khymer Nocturnes ada
  • Poursoudmand, Schahram
    Silhouettes *Iconique* (LICHTPHON / IKONEN 1) ada
  • Rieser, Martin
    Triple Echo ada
  • Shaw, Jeffrey
    Heavens Gate - Anamorphic ada
  • Shaw, Jeffrey
    Inventer la Terre ada
  • Shaw, Jeffrey
    Narrative Landscape ada
  • Shaw, Jeffrey
    Place-Hampi ada
  • Shaw, Jeffrey
    Video Narcissus ada
  • Thiel, Tamiko
    In the Land of Babari-An ada
  • Thiel, Tamiko
    The Travels of Mariko Horo ada
  • Aratos, Phainomena des
    Zodiac, Hercules gssg
  • Aratos, Phainomena des
    Zodiac, Perseus gssg
  • Caliari, Paolo, gen. Veronese
    Perseus rescuing Andromeda gssg
  • Calypso allows Odysseus to leave gssg
  • Cartouche with the allegory of science gssg
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