Dream (7)

Artist / DB / Year
  • Benayoun, Maurice
    So.So.So. (Somebody, Somewhere, Sometime
  • Boredomresearch, (collective)
    Lost Calls of Cloud Mountain Whirligigs
  • Candid, Peter
    Night, Iris and Somnus
  • Dolinsky, Margaret
    Dreams Grrrls
  • Eckermann, Sylvia
  • Kirschner, Roman
  • Kisseleva, Olga
    Double Life
  • Kisseleva, Olga
  • Lafage, Raymond
    Scene with Diana on crescent moon with her chariot
  • Leandre, Joan
    Paralax Paradox, In the Name of Kernel series
  • Manovich, Lev
    Freud-Lissitzky Navigator
  • Montejo, Carolina
  • Montejo, Carolina
    Technical Recreation
  • Rubens, Peter Paul
    Philemon and Baucis with Jupiter und Mercury
  • Salter, Christopher
    Made In China
  • Shaw, Jeffrey
    Going to the Heart of the Center of The Garden of Delights
  • Shor, Shirley
    Strange Days
  • Sims, Karl
    Particle Dreams
  • Somnia fallaci ludunt temeraria nocte, Albius Tibullus
  • TCP
    Astyages's dream
  • Thomas Aquinas
  • Vouet, Simon
    Resting Diana with hound