Camera (14)

Artist / DB / Year
  • Bismarck, Julius von
    Punishment 1
  • Burbano, Andres
    MSCRI - Modular Solution for Corridor Reactive Installations
  • Burns, David R.
    Connected (Blue) high resolution color print
  • Del Favero, Dennis
  • Fujihata, Masaki
    Mersea Circle
  • Hessels, Scott
  • Hoberman, Perry
    Systems Maintenance
  • Katastrofsky, Carlos
    Remote Impressionist Art
  • Kisseleva, Olga
    (Another) Point of view
  • Kisseleva, Olga
  • Knowbotic Research
  • Lozano-Hemmer, Rafael
    Blow Up
  • Lozano-Hemmer, Rafael
    Eye contact
  • Luksch, Manu
    Dreams Rewired
  • Makart, Hans
    Victory of the light over darkness , Oil sketch for a ceiling painting intended for the Kunsthistorisches Museum Vienna
  • McCormack, Jon
  • Melanitis, Yiannis
    Animal Accessories
  • Melanitis, Yiannis
    Bio-Robotic Symbiosis
  • Melanitis, Yiannis
    Predicatable Lab
  • Naimark, Michael
    Cheap Fast Gigapixel Images
  • Naimark, Michael
    Golden Gate Fly- Over
  • Naimark, Michael
    Paris VideoPlan
  • Orellana, Fernando
    Unending Closure
  • Pearlman, Ellen
    Here and There
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