Anthropology (9)

Artist / DB / Year
  • Weibel, Peter
    Die Wand, der Vorhang (Grenze, die) fachsprachlich auch: Lascaux
  • Title engraving
  • The joy of people, Amphitheatre
  • TCP
    Adam and Eve with there sons Cain and Abel
  • Study of male and female heads
  • Study of hands and female heads
  • Study of hands
  • Study of a torso
  • Strolling Actresses dressing in a Barn
  • Spring, summer
  • Shaw, Jeffrey
  • Schiessl, Simon
  • Portraits of two women
  • Neidich, Warren
    Duende Diagram
  • Menezes, Marta de
  • Menezes, Marta de
    Nuclear Family
  • Menezes, Marta de
    Functional Portraits
  • Menezes, Marta de
    Extended Family
  • Melanitis, Yiannis
    Predicatable Lab
  • Melanitis, Yiannis
    Animal Accessories
  • Makart, Hans
    Victory of the light over darkness , Oil sketch for a ceiling painting intended for the Kunsthistorisches Museum Vienna
  • Lozano-Hemmer, Rafael
    Pulse Front
  • Holy kinship in the temple
  • De Nijs, Marnix
    15 Minutes of Biometric Fame
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