Artist / DB / Year
  • Abigail in front of David
  • Apollo with cithara
  • Aratos, Phainomena des
    Zodiac, Cassiopeia
  • Bergmüller, Johann Georg
    Die Schöne, Römische Composita
  • Berlot, Uršula
  • Carracci, Annibale
    Perseus rescuing Andromeda
  • Carracci, Annibale
    Venus and Anchises
  • Copy of ancient wall decorations
  • Coypel, Antoine
    Diana and Actaeon
  • Fashion for ladies and kids, august 1853
  • Kaufmann, Angelika
    Pallas's body laid out for burial
  • Neidich, Warren
    Global Telepathic Broadcast
  • Pallas Athene
  • Pecham, Georg
  • Perin del Varga
    Adam and Eve with baby child
  • Poursoudmand, Schahram
    Silhouettes *Iconique* (LICHTPHON / IKONEN 1)
  • Rijn, Rembrandt Harmenszoon van
    Portrait of an elderly woman
  • Shaw, Jeffrey
    Video Narcissus
  • Shor, Shirley
  • Study of female headdresses
  • Sustris, Friedrich
    The choice of Hercules
  • The triumph of Europa
  • Thomas Aquinas
  • Vos, Marten de
    Title page