Artist / DB / Year
  • Zimmermann, Joseph Anton
    Pilgrimage to the miraculous image of Maria Dorfen
  • Zanetti, Carolus
    Conference of the Tridentine council under emperor Leopold I
  • Weyer (Weier, Wyer), Gabriel
    Ägidius Hunnius, Lutheran theologian
  • Weyer (Weier, Wyer), Gabriel
    Paul Eber, Protestant theologian
  • Werner, Joseph II.
    Saul and the witch of Endor
  • Vouet, Simon
    Venus and Mars
  • Vos, Marten de
    Adam tills the fields
  • Vecellio, Tizian
  • Tosa, Naoko
    ZENetic Computer
  • The tree of Jesse
  • The tree of Jesse
  • The four Kingdoms of Daniel
  • The feast of the Temple, announcement of the defense of theology theses at the University of Graz
  • Sustris, Friedrich
    The choice of Hercules
  • Storer, Johann Christoph
    Saint Catherine of Alexandria
  • Storer, Johann Christoph
    Devine Wisdom, announcement of the defenses of theses at the University of Dillingen
  • Skreta, Karl (Škréta, Karel)
    Virgin Mary, philosophy thesis, University of Prague
  • Sing, Johann Kaspar
    Calendar of the Bishopric of Eichstaett
  • Shaw, Jeffrey
    Remaking the Confucian Rites
  • S. Catharina
  • S. Catharina
  • S. Barbara
  • S. Barbara
  • Rubin, Ben