Artist / DB / Year
  • Badani, Pat
    AL GRANO: Framing Worlds
  • Biggs, Simon
    Great Wall of China
  • Bird, Lawrence
  • Cartouches after La Touche
  • Goltzius, Hendrik
    Matthew the Evangelist
  • Hoberman, Perry
    Faraday's Garden
  • Kleiner, Salomon
    Göttweig Abbey, graphic cabinet
  • Pearlman, Ellen
    Khymer Nocturnes
  • Poussin, Nicolas
    Title page
  • Salamanca, Antonio
    Solomonic column, after the St. Peter's Baldachin by Bernini
  • Shaw, Jeffrey
    Pure Land 360
  • Shaw, Jeffrey
    The Dante Cupboard
  • Sommerer / Mignonneau, (collective)
    Portrait on the Fly – Fly Objects
  • Thyes, Myriam
    Global Vulva
  • View of a library with a collection of scrolls
  • Vignette, wisdom
  • Vignette, wisdom
  • Werner, Friedrich Bernhard
    Göttweig Abbey, view from west