Artist / DB / Year
  • Antependium of the altar in Mariazell donated by Maria Carolina, Queen of Naples-Sicily
  • April
  • August
  • Baumgartner, Johann Wolfgang
    Martyrdom of St. Erasmus of Formia, calendar sheet for 2nd June
  • Baumgartner, Johann Wolfgang
    Martyrs Cantius, Cantianus und Cantianilla, calendar sheet for 31st May
  • Benayoun, Maurice
    Art Impact, Collective Retinal Memory
  • Benayoun, Maurice
    The Navigation Room
  • Bol, Hans
    Illustration of the Epistle to the Galatians 3, 14 / Law or Faith
  • Burbano, Andres
    Pabellon Macondo
  • Christoph Ludwig Agricola, painter, Regensburg
  • December
  • Deucalion and Pyra
  • Drentwett, Jonas
    Announcement of disputations at Göttweig with illustrations of the foundation legend of the Abbey under Abbot Atlmann
  • February
  • Fujihata, Masaki
  • Glorification of the Immaculate Conception
  • Guido Calvacantes, Johannes Boccatius, Franciscus Petrarcha, Angelus Politianus and Marsilius Ficinus
  • Heemskerck, Maarten van
    Commandment to keep the Sabbath
  • Hildebrant, Tobias Jakob
    Bishop Lothar Franz von Schoenborn
  • January
  • July
  • June
  • Kilian, Bartholomäus II.
    The genealogy of Mary and Jesus Christ, holy kinship
  • Kleiner, Salomon
    Josef de Francé, with objects from the Imperial numismatic collection and the cabinet of curiosities