Artist / DB / Year
  • Anker, Suzanne
    Origins and Futures
  • Bismarck, Julius von
    We are family
  • Burbano, Andres
  • Chitayat, Lila
    And One For Next Year.
  • Design for a ciborium
  • Heemskerck, Maarten van
    Commandment to keep the Sabbath
  • Heemskerck, Maarten van
    The Triumph of Isaac
  • Le Pautre, Jean
    Title engraving, designs for holy water fonts
  • Perrier (gen. Bourguignon), Francois
    Aneas and the Cumaean Sibyl
  • pluriel, kondition
    Inner Voices
  • pluriel, kondition
  • pluriel, kondition
    Swarming Lounge
  • Reinhuber, Elke
    Garden Of Changes
  • Shaw, Jeffrey
    Remaking the Confucian Rites
  • Shor, Shirley
  • Thomas Aquinas and pope Clemens IV.
  • Vouet, Simon
    Venus and Mars
  • Werner, Joseph II.
    Saul and the witch of Endor