Artist / DB / Year
  • Vouet, Simon
    Format et Illustrat
  • Vos, Marten de
    Adam tills the fields
  • Vignette, wisdom
  • Thyes, Myriam
    Gallery of Heroic Women
  • TCP
  • Shor, Shirley
  • Schut, Cornelis I.
    Agreement of peace between France and Spain
  • Running ornament
  • Reinhuber, Elke
    Garden Of Changes
  • Poursoudmand, Schahram
    Silhouettes *Iconique* (LICHTPHON / IKONEN 1)
  • Pey-Chwen, Lin
    Great Image of Eve Clone
  • Pey-Chwen, Lin
    Great Image of Eve Clone
  • Petros, Lales
    The Time Traveler
  • Man between law and faith (Galatians 3)
  • Le Pautre, Jean
    Running ornament with maritime scenes
  • Lazarus and Dives
  • Lairesse, Gerard de
    Immoderateness, Bacchanal
  • Decker, Paulus
    Design for a fireplace
  • Cartouches after La Touche
  • Carracci, Annibale
    Virgin with unicorn
  • Carracci, Annibale
    Perseus rescuing Andromeda
  • Callot, Jacques
    Temptation of Saint Anthony
  • Caliari, Paolo, gen. Veronese
    Perseus rescuing Andromeda
  • Berain, Jean I.
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