governance (29)

Artist / DB / Year
  • Remote Sensing
    Anker, Suzanne
    Remote Sensing
  • Antependium of the altar in Mariazell donated by Maria Carolina, Queen of Naples-Sicily
  • Baumgartner, Johann Wolfgang
    Pope Silverius, calendar sheet for 20th June
  • Beduzzi, Antonio Maria Nicolao
    Title engraving
  • Decker, Paulus
    Design for a victory column in the front court
  • Decker, Paulus
    Front view of the palace
  • Decker, Paulus
    Palace, view from the north
  • Heemskerck, Maarten van
    Commandment to keep the Sabbath
  • Holbein, Hans
    Thomas Moore ?
  • Lairesse, Gerard de
    The golden Age
  • Lazarus and Dives
  • Nelli, Giovanni Battista Clemente
    Groundplan of the Dome of Florence
  • Ridinger, Johann Elias
    Expulsion from the Garden of Eden
  • Ridinger, Johann Elias
    God forbids Adam to eat from the Tree of Knowledge
  • Ridinger, Johann Elias
    God judging Adam
  • Ruggieri, Ferdinando
  • Conversations
    Shaw, Jeffrey
  • Pacifying the South China Sea Scroll Navigator
    Shaw, Jeffrey
    Pacifying the South China Sea Scroll Navigator
  • Revolution
    Shaw, Jeffrey
  • We Are Like Vapours
    Shaw, Jeffrey
    We Are Like Vapours
  • Sing, Johann Kaspar
    Calendar of the Bishopric of Eichstaett
  • Theology thesis by Tobias Johannes Goeth , University of Vienna
  • Vos, Marten de
    Cain and Abel offer their sacrifice
  • Vos, Marten de
    Imago Bonitatis Illius
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