historical sites (35)

Artist / DB / Year
  • Altar in Ingolstadt with a painting of the Mater ter admirabilis
  • parallel installed
    Bird, Lawrence
  • 1+1
    Brooks, Sawad
  • Ghosts - bar
    Brooks, Sawad
  • GaribaldiMap
    Caglioni, Diego
  • Fäsch, Johann Rudolph
    Title page
  • Glorification of the Immaculate Conception
  • The Mercury Project,
    Goldberg, Ken
    The Mercury Project
  • Video Mapping "Train Station La Plata"
    Gomez, German
    Video Mapping "Train Station"
  • Innerlich und äußerliches Aussehen der Neuen Kirchen in Leipzig
  • two origins relational architecture 7
    Lozano-Hemmer, Rafael
    Two Origins, Relational Architecture 7
  • Papal conclave
  • Papal conclave
  • On Location: New Materialism and Film in the Anthropocene
    Parker, Kayla
    On Location
  • Saint Peter, Rome
  • A body of water
    Sermon, Paul
    A Body of Water
  • Cupola
    Shaw, Jeffrey
  • Eye of Nagaur
    Shaw, Jeffrey
    Eye of Nagaur
  • Imaginary Museum of Revolutions
    Shaw, Jeffrey
    Imaginary Museum of Revolutions
  • Pacifying the South China Sea Scroll Navigator
    Shaw, Jeffrey
    Pacifying the South China Sea Scroll Navigator
  • Shaw, Jeffrey
    Place - A User's Manual
  • Place-Hampi
    Shaw, Jeffrey
  • Pure Land 360
    Shaw, Jeffrey
    Pure Land 360
  • Sonus Lux
    Shaw, Jeffrey
    Sonus Lux
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