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Artist / DB / Year
  • Origins and Futures
    Anker, Suzanne
    Origins and Futures
  • Aratos, Phainomena des
    Zodiac, Hercules
  • Aratos, Phainomena des
    Zodiac, Perseus
  • Caliari, Paolo, gen. Veronese
    Perseus rescuing Andromeda
  • Calypso allows Odysseus to leave
  • Cartouche with the allegory of science
  • Cartouches after La Touche
  • Live performance
    Colubri, Andres
    Narciso in Real Time
  • Cortona, Pietro Berrettini da
    The sacrifice of Polyxena
  • Decker, Paulus
    Design for ceiling paintings
  • Decker, Paulus
    Design for ceiling paintings
  • I'Myth
    Domingues, Diana
    I'Myth: Zapping Zone
  • TRANS-E, My Body, My Blood, 1997/2000
    Domingues, Diana
    Trans-E: My Body, My Blood
  • Mesmer
    Dove, Toni
    Mesmer: Secrets of the Human Frame
  • Kaufmann, Angelika
    Pallas's body laid out for burial
  • Divers Faits
    Kisseleva, Olga
    Divers Faits
  • Le Pautre, Jean
    Design for an over door
  • Le Pautre, Jean
    Design for an over door
  • Smoke Screen Cipher 00
    Leandre, Joan
    Smoke Screen Cipher, The Trap Interiors series
  • Makart, Hans
    Victory of the light over darkness , Oil sketch for a ceiling painting intended for the Kunsthistorisches Museum Vienna
  • Matsch, Franz
    Die mittelalterliche Mysterienbühne
  • Prometheus- Hysterical Duet/ Interactive Performance
    Melanitis, Yiannis
    Prometheus/Hysterical Duet- Interactive Performance
  • MMM / The Bride
    Michelin, Simone
    Website MMM
  • Khymer Nocturnes
    Pearlman, Ellen
    Khymer Nocturnes
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