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  • Zanetti, Carolus
    Conference of the Tridentine council under emperor Leopold I
  • Werner, Friedrich Bernhard
    Monastery Melk, view from south
  • Elusive Self
    Wennberg, Teresa
    Elusive Self
  • Homes (version 2)
    Waliczky, Tamas
    homes | Photography and New Media Art (Homes | version 2), ehibition at Lumenvisum Gallery, Hong Kong
  • Homes
    Waliczky, Tamas
  • "Shades of Absence: Public Voids," Piazza San Marco, Venice
    Thiel, Tamiko
    Shades of Absence: Public Voids
  • ReVisioning the Virtual Wall
    Thiel, Tamiko
    ReVisioning the Virtual Wall
  • Newtown Creek (oil spill)
    Thiel, Tamiko
    Newtown Creek (oil spill)
  • The tree of Jesse
  • The tree of Jesse
  • The four Kingdoms of Daniel
  • Study of a torso
  • Skreta, Karl (Škréta, Karel)
    Virgin Mary, philosophy thesis, University of Prague
  • ZKM Karlsruhe / YOUbiläumsbrowser
    Shaw, Jeffrey
    ZKM Karlsruhe / YOUbiläumsbrowser
  • The Virtual Museum
    Shaw, Jeffrey
    Virtual Museum
  • T_Visionarium
    Shaw, Jeffrey
  • Place urbanity
    Shaw, Jeffrey
    Place - Urbanity
  • Place - Turkey
    Shaw, Jeffrey
    Place - Turkey
  • New Tower of Babel
    Shaw, Jeffrey
    New Tower of Babel
  • Marchive
    Shaw, Jeffrey
  • Imaginary Museum of Revolutions
    Shaw, Jeffrey
    Imaginary Museum of Revolutions
  • First Person Painter
    Shaw, Jeffrey
    First Person Painter
  • CMC Navigator
    Shaw, Jeffrey
    CMC Navigator
  • senneby
    Senneby, Goldin
    Flack Attack