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Artist / DB / Year
  • Kilian, Bartholomäus II.
    The genealogy of Mary and Jesus Christ, holy kinship
  • Le Pautre, Jean
    Title engraving, designs for holy water fonts
  • Leclerc, Sebastien
  • Portraits of two women
  • Salamanca, Antonio
    Composite capital and column base
  • Study of a torso
  • The four Kingdoms of Daniel
  • The tree of Jesse
  • The tree of Jesse
  • Zanetti, Carolus
    Conference of the Tridentine council under emperor Leopold I
  • Skreta, Karl (Škréta, Karel)
    Virgin Mary, philosophy thesis, University of Prague 1659
  • Altar in Ingolstadt with a painting of the Mater ter admirabilis 1664
  • Capital and column studies 1699
  • Column- and arcade assemblings 1699
  • Innerlich und äußerliches Aussehen der Neuen Kirchen in Leipzig 1699
  • Jean Mabillon 1725
  • Werner, Friedrich Bernhard
    Monastery Melk, view from south 1737
  • Bergmüller, Johann Georg
    Geometrische Grund Regul 1752
  • Bergmüller, Johann Georg
    Prologue, Kurzer Bericht 1752
  • Antependium of the altar in Mariazell donated by Maria Carolina, Queen of Naples-Sicily 1804
  • Quast, Pieter Jansz
    Luke the Evangelist paints Madonna 1810/16
  • Aspen Moviemap
    Naimark, Michael
    Aspen Moviemap 1978
  • Boids, 1986
    Reynolds, Craig W.
    Boids 1986
  • Imaginary Museum of Revolutions
    Shaw, Jeffrey
    Imaginary Museum of Revolutions 1987