database art (108)

Artist / DB / Year
  • corby baily
    & Baily & Mackenzie, Corby
  • corby & baily text surface
    & Baily & Mackenzie, Corby
  • Video Promo Southern Ocean Studies
    & Baily & Mackenzie, Corby
    The Southern Ocean Studies
  • Who the People?
    Aceti, Lanfranco
    Who the People?
  • PerformanceInsideOut
    Albuquerque, Beatriz
    [FRAY] PerformanceInsideOut
  • Where are you from?_Stories. Version 09
    Badani, Pat
    Where are you from?-Stories. Version 09
  • Unlooping Film | Cinema sem Volta
    Beiguelman, Giselle
    Unlooping Film | Cinema sem Volta
  • URnotHere
    Beiguelman, Giselle
  • biggs babel
    Biggs, Simon
  • "Why EK Modernism matters?  Examining"
    Borda, Sylvia Grace
    Public Speaking
  • bruno dada
    Bruno, Christophe
  • Botanica e Interfaz
    Burbano, Andres
    Botanico e interfaz
  • Facing Data
    Burbano, Andres
    Facing Data
  • Imagining Macondo
    Burbano, Andres
    Imagining Macondo
  • Quiasma
    Burbano, Andres
  • Faces in the Sky
    Caglioni, Diego
    Faces in the Sky
  • GaribaldiMap
    Caglioni, Diego
  • callana how we...
    Callanan, Martin John
    I wanted to see all of the News From Today
  • Outside in: exile at home
    Castro, Annabel
    Outside in: exile at home
  • 15 Minutes of Biometric Fame
    De Nijs, Marnix
    15 Minutes of Biometric Fame
  • Mirror_Piece
    De Nijs, Marnix
  • Physiognomic Scrutinizer
    De Nijs, Marnix
    Physiognomic Scrutinizer
  • Rectilinear Displacement
    De Nijs, Marnix
    Rectilinear Displacement
  • plastic trade-off
    Eckermann, Sylvia
    plastic trade-off