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Artist / DB / Year
  • Altar in honor of John of Nepomuk
  • Berain, Jean I.
    Design for capitals
  • Berain, Jean I.
    Various capitals
  • Decker, Paulus
    Design for a fireplace
  • Decker, Paulus
    Design for a fireplace
  • Guido Calvacantes, Johannes Boccatius, Franciscus Petrarcha, Angelus Politianus and Marsilius Ficinus
  • Le Pautre, Jean
    Charity, Notburga von Rattenberg?
  • Le Pautre, Jean
    Design for an over door
  • Papal conclave
  • Portal
  • Study of male headdresses
  • Study of women and putti
  • View of a library with a collection of scrolls
  • Stock Market Skirt
    Paterson, Nancy Evelyn
    Stock Market Skirt 0
  • Aratos, Phainomena des
    Zodiac, Pleiades 15. Jh, 2. Drittel
  • Heemskerck, Maarten van
    The Triumph of Tobias 1564
  • Title engraving 1663
  • Autumn, winter 1667
  • Drentwett, Jonas
    Announcement of disputations at Göttweig with illustrations of the foundation legend of the Abbey under Abbot Atlmann 1691
  • Straet, Jan van der, genannt Stradanus
    Dante Alighieri, Divina Commedia 17. Jh.
  • Saint Peter, Rome 1700
  • Study of Arms 1700, um
  • Study of Eyes 1700, um
  • Study of faces in profile 1700, um