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Artist / DB / Year
  • PerformanceInsideOut
    Albuquerque, Beatriz
    [FRAY] PerformanceInsideOut
  • URnotHere
    Beiguelman, Giselle
  • palavrapontocompontosem
    Beiguelman, Giselle
  • The Tunnel under the Atlantic, Montreal installation
    Benayoun, Maurice
    Tunnel under the Atlantic
  • Worldskin
    Benayoun, Maurice
    World Skin, a Photo Safari in the Land of War
  • Dark Matter
    Biggs, Simon
    Dark Matter
  • Polymorph
    Biggs, Simon
  • gwei
    Cirio, Paolo
    Google Will Eat Itself (GWEI) - Hacking Monopolism Trilogy
  • cirio
    Cirio, Paolo
    P2P Gift Credit Card - Gift Finance
  • Cirio, Paolo
    Persecuting US
  • The Messive
    Dementieva, Alexandra
    The Messive
  • Blue Window Pane
    Dolinsky, Margaret
    Blue Window Pane II
  • 14-bis
    Domingues, Diana
  • image
    Domingues, Diana
    Living Tattoos
  • Expositur - Installation view, Vienna
    Eckermann, Sylvia
    Expositur - a virtual knowledge space
  • Spiegelzellen | Mirror Cells
    Eckermann, Sylvia
    Mirror Cells
  • n o w h e r e
    Eckermann, Sylvia
    n o w h e r e - ein welt raum spiel
  • The Trend Is Your Friend!
    Eckermann, Sylvia
    The Trend Is Your Friend!
  • cubeLife and heartbeat monitor
    Everitt, Dave
  • Sound
  • Global Interior Project
    Fujihata, Masaki
    Global Interior Project
  • Under the Surface
    Gates-Stuart, Eleanor
    Under the Surface
  • The Mercury Project,
    Goldberg, Ken
    The Mercury Project
  • Hakola, Marikki