traditions (13)

Artist / DB / Year
  • Origins and Futures
    Anker, Suzanne
    Origins and Futures
  • aarccoupeloladuval
    Benayoun, Maurice
    Arc de Triomphe
  • benayoun sans armees
    Benayoun, Maurice
    Sans Armes Citoyens
  • Ghosts - bar
    Brooks, Sawad
  • And One For Next Year
    Chitayat, Lila
    And One For Next Year.
  • Their Things Spoken
    Hegedüs, Agnes
    Their Things Spoken
  • Video Narrative
    Levin, Golan
    Axis Applet
  • Matsch, Franz
    Die mittelalterliche Mysterienbühne
  • Entrance to the Garden of Changes
    Reinhuber, Elke
    Garden Of Changes
  • Performance
    Salter, Christopher
    Made In China
  • Corrida
    Shaw, Jeffrey
    Corrida - Logique de la Perception
  • TCP
    Tobias, Raphael and Sarah
  • Title page