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  • Aemilian Janitsch, writer and monk in Göttweig
  • Genetic Seed Bank
    Anker, Suzanne
    Genetic Seed Bank
  • MRI Butterfly
    Anker, Suzanne
    MRI Butterfly
  • Origins and Futures
    Anker, Suzanne
    Origins and Futures
  • Remote Sensing
    Anker, Suzanne
    Remote Sensing
  • Vanitas in a Petri Dish
    Anker, Suzanne
    Vanitas in a Petri dish
  • Feather Duster
    Anker, Suzanne
    While Darkness Sleeps
  • Antependium of the altar in Mariazell donated by Maria Carolina, Queen of Naples-Sicily
  • Where are you from?_Stories. Version 09
    Badani, Pat
    Where are you from?-Stories. Version 09
  • Sometimes Always/Sometimes Never
    Beiguelman, Giselle
    Sometimes Always/Sometimes Never
  • Art Impact
    Benayoun, Maurice
    Art Impact, Collective Retinal Memory
  • Video
    Benayoun, Maurice
    The Navigation Room
  • biggs babel
    Biggs, Simon
  • stop the nato
    Cirio, Paolo
    Anti-NATO Day - Participatory Cyber Attacks -
  • copper engraving Hobby
  • copper engraving Hobby
  • Exploded Views 2.0
    De Nijs, Marnix
    Exploded Views 2.0
  • sleeper1
    Dementieva, Alexandra
  • Ehrenberg, Peter Schubert von
    Ignatius of Loyola and Aristoteles debate on the principal of logic in a library
  • Göttweig Abbey, allegory of science
  • Albedo 0.30
    Hahn, Alexander
    Albedo 0.30
  • Things Spoken
    Hegedüs, Agnes
    Die Sprache der Dinge
  • Handsight; Screen
    Hegedüs, Agnes
  • Memory Theatre VR
    Hegedüs, Agnes
    Memory Theatre VR