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  • Their Things Spoken
    Hegedüs, Agnes
    Their Things Spoken
  • Things Spoken
    Hegedüs, Agnes
    Things Spoken
  • Interior view of a monastery library
  • Que vai fazer
    Kac, Eduardo
    Mixed Media (1982 - 1984)
  • Kleiner, Salomon
    Göttweig Abbey, aerial view from the Southwest
  • Kleiner, Salomon
    Göttweig Abbey, view from east
  • Kleiner, Salomon
    Göttweig Abbey, view from north
  • knowbotic research passion5
    Knowbotic Research
  • Anecdoted Archive from the Cold War, Installation
    Legrady, George
    An Anecdoted Archive from the Cold War
  • Pockets Full of Memories, 2001: Installation
    Legrady, George
    Pockets full of Memories
    Legrady, George
    Pockets Full of Memories II
  • Data Beautiful
    Manovich, Lev
    Data Beautiful
  • MediaFlow 2006 and Aby Warburg Denkraum 1927
    Monika Fleischmann | Wolfgang Strauss, (collective)
  • Iris
    Montejo, Carolina
    Technical Recreation
  • Satellite Contact - Installation View
    Orlow, Uriel
    Satellite Contact
  • textarc_visualizatio
    Paley, Bradford W.
    TextArc Visualization of The History of Science
  • Swarming Lounge
    pluriel, kondition
    Swarming Lounge
  • Swarming Lounge
    Poulin, Marie-Claude
    Swarming Lounge
  • susan pui news how we ....
    Pui San Lok, Susan
  • Timeframe
    Reinhuber, Elke
  • Imaginary Museum of Revolutions
    Shaw, Jeffrey
    Imaginary Museum of Revolutions
  • Marchive
    Shaw, Jeffrey
  • New Tower of Babel
    Shaw, Jeffrey
    New Tower of Babel
  • propagation of the luminous world
    Shaw, Jeffrey
    Propagation of the Luminous Word