digital identity (40)

Artist / DB / Year
  • Chaos digital perfomance  video
    Al Tawil, Sameh
    CHAOS فَوْضَى
  • MRI Butterfly
    Anker, Suzanne
    MRI Butterfly
  • Remote Sensing
    Anker, Suzanne
    Remote Sensing
  • The Butterfly in the Brain
    Anker, Suzanne
    The Butterfly in the Brain
  • biggs life
    Biggs, Simon
    A New Life
  • biggs panda
    Biggs, Simon
  • biggs recombinant
    Biggs, Simon
    Recombinant Figure
  • Avatar 6 months
    Caglioni, Diego
  • Faces in the Sky
    Caglioni, Diego
    Faces in the Sky
  • Public Messages
    Caglioni, Diego
    Public Messages
  • face to facebook
    Cirio, Paolo
    Face to Facebook - Hacking Monopolism Trilogy
  • 15 Minutes of Biometric Fame
    De Nijs, Marnix
    15 Minutes of Biometric Fame
  • Spiegelzellen | Mirror Cells
    Eckermann, Sylvia
    Mirror Cells
  • 64 Samples (2000)
    Everitt, Dave
    64 Samples
  • Oracle and doubts
    Frades, Nacho
    Oracle and doubts
  • Feeding Consciousness
    Harris, Dominic
    Feeding Consciousness
  • Handsight; Screen
    Hegedüs, Agnes
  • FramedMemoryCard Detail01
    López, Solimán
    Framed Memory Card
  • Follower
    McCarthy, Lauren Lee
  • 24hour Social Installation
    McGarrigle, Conor
    24hour Social
  • Khymer Nocturnes
    Pearlman, Ellen
    Khymer Nocturnes
  • Surveillance Siddhi
    Pearlman, Ellen
    Surveillance Siddhi
  • The Time Traveler
    Petros, Lales
    The Time Traveler
  • Great Image of Eve Clone
    Pey-Chwen, Lin
    Great Image of Eve Clone
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