real-time (259)

Artist / DB / Year
  • Palo Alto
    (Collective), Banz&Bowinkel
    Palo Alto
  • GLK 03x
    Acevedo, Victor
    GLK 03x
  • GLK 07z
    Acevedo, Victor
    GLK 07z
  • Huichol Ghost
    Acevedo, Victor
    Huichol Ghost
  • Orbic Field s01
    Acevedo, Victor
    Orbic Field s01
  • Orbic Field s03
    Acevedo, Victor
    Orbic Field s03
  • Orbic Field s04
    Acevedo, Victor
    Orbic Field s04
  • Orbital Remix s02
    Acevedo, Victor
    Orbital Remix s01
  • Robin v02
    Acevedo, Victor
    Robin v02
  • Tailor-made
    Acevedo, Victor
  • Terabyte Psychedelics s02
    Acevedo, Victor
    Terabyte Psychedelics s02
  • The Real, the Virtual and The We (re-activating Lygia Clark’s The I and the you: Clothing/Body/Clothing, 1967)
    Aceves Sepúlveda, Gabriela
    "The Real, the Virtual and the We, (re-activating Lygia Clark's The I and the You: Clothing/Body/Clothing, 1967"
  • Text Rain
    Achituv, Romy
    Text Rain
  • PerformanceInsideOut
    Albuquerque, Beatriz
    [FRAY] PerformanceInsideOut
  • The Brain Stripped Bare, 2002
    Allen, Rebecca
    The Brain Stripped Bare
  • Sometimes Always/Sometimes Never
    Beiguelman, Giselle
    Sometimes Always/Sometimes Never
  • traffic1
    Benayoun, Maurice
    Emotional Traffic (e-traffic)
  • The Tunnel under the Atlantic, Montreal installation
    Benayoun, Maurice
    Tunnel under the Atlantic
  • Worldskin
    Benayoun, Maurice
    World Skin, a Photo Safari in the Land of War
  • Blowup
    Biggs, Simon
  • Bodytext
    Biggs, Simon
  • biggs computer82
    Biggs, Simon
    Computer Graphics 1982
  • biggs computer 1
    Biggs, Simon
    Computer Pieces 1979
  • biggs computer pieces 81
    Biggs, Simon
    Computer Pieces 1981