nationalism (17)

Artist / DB / Year
  • A Student on October 31
  • Vanitas in a Petri Dish
    Anker, Suzanne
    Vanitas in a Petri dish
  • Antependium of the altar in Mariazell donated by Maria Carolina, Queen of Naples-Sicily
  • Baumgartner, Johann Wolfgang
    Martyrdom of Saint Maximus, calendar sheet for 5th May
  • Beduzzi, Antonio Maria Nicolao
    Title engraving
  • benayoun sans armees
    Benayoun, Maurice
    Sans Armes Citoyens
  • Global direct
    Cirio, Paolo
    Global Direct
  • Chaos digital perfomance  video
    Eltawil, Sameh
    CHAOS فَوْضَى
  • World Stage: United Kingdom
    Harris, Dominic
    World Stage: United Kingdom
  • World Stage: USA
    Harris, Dominic
    World Stage: United States
  • Joue, Jacques de la
    Cartouches with war themes
  • Power Struggle
    Kisseleva, Olga
    Power Struggle
  • Suburban Meditation
    Lichty, Patrick
    Suburban Meditation
  • be now here
    Naimark, Michael
    Be Now Here
  • Display National Flower
    Reinhuber, Elke
    National Flowers [Observation]
  • Schut, Cornelis I.
    Agreement of peace between France and Spain
  • The four Kingdoms of Daniel