symbolism (74)

Artist / DB / Year
  • Daemons
    (Collective), Banz&Bowinkel
  • installation view new ocean
    Aitken, Doug
    new ocean
  • Allegory of revenge and atonement
  • Altar in honor of John of Nepomuk
  • Biota
    Anker, Suzanne
  • MRI Butterfly
    Anker, Suzanne
    MRI Butterfly
  • Origins and Futures
    Anker, Suzanne
    Origins and Futures
  • Vanitas in a Petri Dish
    Anker, Suzanne
    Vanitas in a Petri dish
  • Anthropometry, Science's defense of the arts
  • Aratos, Phainomena des
    Zodiac, Piscis
  • Autumn, winter
  • aarccoupeloladuval
    Benayoun, Maurice
    Arc de Triomphe
  • benayoun sans armees
    Benayoun, Maurice
    Sans Armes Citoyens
  • Berain, Jean I.
  • Bol, Hans
  • Preghiera
    Caglioni, Diego
  • Callot, Jacques
    Temptation of Saint Anthony
  • Candid, Peter
    Night, Iris and Somnus
  • Christ as a pharmacist
  • Cortona, Pietro Berrettini da
    The sacrifice of Polyxena
  • Emblems with plants and animals
  • World Stage: United Kingdom
    Harris, Dominic
    World Stage: United Kingdom
  • Heemskerck, Maarten van
    The Triumph of Isaac
  • Heemskerck, Maarten van
    The Triumph of Job