digital activism (62)

Artist / DB / Year
  • Who the People?
    Aceti, Lanfranco
    Who the People?
  • AL GRANO: Augmented Cereals
    Badani, Pat
    AL GRANO: Augmented-Cereals
  • "AL GRANO: Augmented Cereals" Version 2
    Badani, Pat
    Al GRANO: Augmented-Cereals” Version 2
    Beiguelman, Giselle
    did you read the east
  • egoscópio - webcams
    Beiguelman, Giselle
  • Cargo
    Bird, Lawrence
  • bruno adwords
    Bruno, Christophe
    Google Adwords Happenings
  • 2014 - Digital prints, document A4 and 100x100cm
    Cirio, Paolo
    (W)orld Currency
  • an
    Cirio, Paolo
    Amazon Noir - Hacking Monopolism Trilogy
  • stop the nato
    Cirio, Paolo
    Anti-NATO Day - Participatory Cyber Attacks -
  • 2007. Mixed media, plexiglass box. 35x35x40cm
    Cirio, Paolo
    Check Check Reality
  • Drowning NYC
    Cirio, Paolo
    Drowning NYC
  • face to facebook
    Cirio, Paolo
    Face to Facebook - Hacking Monopolism Trilogy
  • Global direct
    Cirio, Paolo
    Global Direct
  • gwei
    Cirio, Paolo
    Google Will Eat Itself (GWEI) - Hacking Monopolism Trilogy
  • Loophole4all
    Cirio, Paolo
    Loophole for All
  • 2009. Serigraph (digital) print on Plexiglass. 54x39cm each
    Cirio, Paolo
    Open Society Structures - Algorithms Triptych
  • Cirio, Paolo
    Persecuting US
  • streetghost
    Cirio, Paolo
    Street Ghosts
  • The Big Plot
    Cirio, Paolo
    The Big Plot
  • Garden Library
    Colubri, Andres
    Garden Library
  • Pirate Radio
    Colubri, Andres
    Public / Pirate Community Radio
  • Relay
    Colubri, Andres
  • A442 Hz
    Eltawil, Sameh
    A 442 Hz.