networked (54)

Artist / DB / Year
  • Aspects of Gaia: Digital Pathways Across the Whole Earth at Ars Electronica
    Ascott, Roy
    Aspects of Gaia
  • planetary network
    Ascott, Roy
    Planetary Network
  • telenoia_flyer
    Ascott, Roy
  • image
    Domingues, Diana
  • Feeding Consciousness
    Harris, Dominic
    Feeding Consciousness
  • Mobilise/Demobilise festival
    Jamieson, Helen Varley
  • Lepus
    Kac, Eduardo
    Lagoglyphs: The Lepus Constellation Suite
  • Lagoogle 2
    Kac, Eduardo
    Lagoogleglyph II
  • Lagoo Kac 3
    Kac, Eduardo
    Lagoogleglyph III
  • lago 4
    Kac, Eduardo
    Lagoogleglyph IV
  • Perhaps
    Kac, Eduardo
  • Spacescape 1
    Kac, Eduardo
  • Scapescapes
    Kac, Eduardo
    Three City Link
  • hangars liquides VR
    Kidd, Djehan
    Hangars Liquides VR
  • -
    Kisseleva, Olga
    Champs Libres
  • EDEN
    Kisseleva, Olga
  • Electronic Cafe Network
    Kit Galloway, Sherrie Rabinowitz /
    Electronic Cafe Network
  • Hole-in-Space
    Kit Galloway, Sherrie Rabinowitz /
  • 10_dencies Series [Tokyo], 1997-1999
    Knowbotic Research
    IO_dencies Series [Tokyo/Sao Paulo/Ruhrgebiet/Venice]
  • Mental imMigration, 2001
    Knowbotic Research
    Mental imMigration
  • Minds of Concern : : Breaking News (New York), 2002-2003
    Knowbotic Research
    Minds of Concern : : Breaking News
  • Cell Tango
    Legrady, George
    Cell Tango
  • Boca en la red
    Lizalde, Néstor
    Boca en la red
  • How does the Inconsistence work, practically?
    Mercado, Marcello
    How does the Inconsistent work, practically?