cybernetic (48)

Artist / DB / Year
  • Eric in Orense v02a
    Acevedo, Victor
    Eric in Orense v02
  • GLK 03x
    Acevedo, Victor
    GLK 03x
  • GLK 07z
    Acevedo, Victor
    GLK 07z
  • Huichol Ghost
    Acevedo, Victor
    Huichol Ghost
  • The Last Supper
    Acevedo, Victor
    The Last Supper v02
  • Wave Gate v01
    Acevedo, Victor
    Wave Gate v01
  • PerformanceInsideOut
    Albuquerque, Beatriz
    [FRAY] PerformanceInsideOut
  • Art-Id/Cyb-Id: Identities in CiberSpace
    Ascott, Roy
  • Home Transfer
    Badani, Pat
    Home Transfer
  • Bergmüller, Johann Georg
    Composita Romana, Die Schöne / Composita Symbolica, Die Neue
  • Bergmüller, Johann Georg
    Stella Opticae
  • Heartbeats
    Fujimura, Noriyuki
  • Digital River 1997
    Gouveia, Patrícia
    Digital River, a River Out of Eden: three paintings, a website, and a video. National Young Creators show, 1997, Guarda, Portugal.
  • Prisioner’s dilemma or game
    Gouveia, Patrícia
    Prisoner's Dilemma or Game: Flash installation + 2 joysticks + projetor. INTERPARLA Festival, Spain
  • RUPTURE, 1998
    Gouveia, Patrícia
    Rupture, the passion market: why love is not fashionable (1998), Mix media interactive installation: 2 digital paintings and 1 neon, 12 postcards and an interactive CD-ROM
  • Blind Game installation, 2001
    Gouveia, Patrícia
    The Blind Game: Quadrum gallery Lisbon (2001) interactive game installation + artist book + digital prints.
  • Transformes Interactive Installation, 2004
    Gouveia, Patrícia
    Transitory Objects, Transformers 84/04 Interactive Installation, Oeiras Festival
  • Young Dancer aged 14;3
    Hedderwick, Sophie
    Young Dancer aged 14;3
  • Vicious Circle
    Holden, Peter William
    Vicious Circle
  • RC Robot
    Kac, Eduardo
    RC Robot
  • hangars liquides VR
    Kidd, Djehan
    Hangars Liquides VR
  • Das Kapital: Version.07 - 2003
    Mercado, Marcello
    Das Kapital: Version.07 - 2003
  • How does the Inconsistence work, practically?
    Mercado, Marcello
    How does the Inconsistent work, practically?
  • Human Genome re-Activation
    Mercado, Marcello
    Human Genome re-Activation
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