nostalgia (11)

Artist / DB / Year
  • History Appartus
    Bismarck, Julius von
    History Appartus ada
  • Chaos digital perfomance  video
    Eltawil, Sameh
    CHAOS فَوْضَى ada
  • RGB VW
    Hegedüs, Agnes
    RGB VW ada
  • The Time Traveler
    Petros, Lales
    The Time Traveler ada
  • Entrance to the Garden of Changes
    Reinhuber, Elke
    Garden Of Changes ada
  • NO=ON
    Wennberg, Teresa
    NO=ON ada
  • Berain, Jean I.
    Grotesque with cupid gssg
  • Calypso allows Odysseus to leave gssg
  • Lairesse, Gerard de
    The golden Age gssg
  • Stabbing of a woman ? gssg
  • Testa, Pietro
    Dido on the stake gssg